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Reciprocating Gait orthosis

The RGO includes bilateral HKAFO's that have the two hip joints attached by a cable or other such device so as to extend one hip while the other is flexing. The design of these devices have progressed greatly in the past few years and they tend to be relatively low profile and can be worn under clothing. Children with Spina Bifida are the most common population who utilize this device, as they often do not have the muscular strength or control to hold themselves in a standing position without support. Used in combination with a walker or forearm crutches, the child can be independently mobile and interact with other children on a more equal basis.

The physical benefits of weight bearing as children include increased bone density, increased bowel and bladder function and many others. These devices are also available in adult sizes, and some individuals with low level spinal cord injuries or even adult Spina Bifida clients may be able to use them. However the amount of energy required to walk is much more than that required to use a wheelchair, so most adults opt for the chair.