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Carbon Feet

Walking at various speeds, going uphill and downhill, feeling safe on uneven and varied surfaces while experiencing a harmonic rollover - these are the complex requirements for a modern carbon foot.
  • Progressive ankle moment
  • Comfortable heel strike with plantar flexion
  • Mimics natural rollover
  • Optimized anterior/posterior and medial/lateral mobility
  • Dynamic transition from stance to swing phase
  • Effective relief for the contralateral side
  • Suitable for Mobility Grades 2 and 3

Greissinger Plus Foot

Greissinger Plus Foot
The Greissinger Plus has a joint that imitates the omni-directional mobility of the human foot. It compensates for uneven surfaces; your patient stands and walks safely.

Adjust Foot

More mobility thanks to a stable stance and natural gait pattern, more individuality by adapting the foot to personal requirements – that is what the 1M10 Adjust stands for.

Sach Feet

SACH feet (Solid Ankle Cushion Heel) offer a comfortable heel strike to your patient. These feet have especially proven themselves for less active persons with a pronounced need for security. Patients who are good candidates for SACH feet (Solid Ankle Cushion Heel) are expected to have a very low-activity level. In addition, these people have a pronounced need for security and stability. SACH feet are constructed with a contoured core and functional foam to provide a comfortable heel strike.

Single-Axis Feet

Single-axis feet have been used thousands of times in the past decades, and are specially designed to reliably meet the needs of less active patients that are at an Otto Bock Mobility Grade of 1 or 2. The single-axis feet 1H38 and 1H40 have different heel heights and size ranges. Both feet have a natural shape with a smooth surface and formed toes, and can be used for a weight of up to 100 kilograms / 220 pounds.

The single-axis feet 1H32 and 1H34 without toes are constructed in two sections and can also be used for a weight of up to 100 kilograms / 220 pounds. They have different heel heights, foot shapes, and size ranges. While the 1H32 has a standard foot shape, we designed the slimmer 1H34 especially for narrower women's and men's shoes.

Light Cosmetic Foot

We developed the light cosmetic foot especially for prosthesis wearers with a low level of activity. It distinguishes itself through the secure heel strike.

The 1G6 is designed to provide a stable heel strike, allowing your patient to place weight on the heel and stand securely. Other advantages of the 1G6 include its lightweight design and the natural shape, which features a smooth surface and split toe cosmesis.

The Light Cosmetic Foot is suitable for all amputation levels in low-activity patients. It is available in sizes from 23 to 27 centimeters and is approved to be used up to a maximum weight of 75 kilograms / 165 pounds.

  • Patented pneumatic system increases stability while decreasing pain and swelling
  • Air is easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit
  • Accommodates the swelling patterns that occur throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Low-profile, rocker bottom is specially engineered to help promote a natural, stable gait
  • Comfortable foam liner with easy hook and loop fastening straps allow for quick and easy fitting adjustments
  • Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors
Sure-Flex is a practical, lightweight and energy storing foot that allows simulated ankle motion. This foot meets the basic needs of amputees who require a comfortable foot with smooth roll over characteristics and low energy return.